What Sets Us Apart

Our Commitment to Growth, Development, and Orthodontics

As a pediatric dentist, I feel the ability to provide comprehensive orthodontic treatment is an essential ingredient of our service. By being able to emphasize early intervention, I am able to intercept many bite problems and minimize their effects. This generally leads to reduced treatment times and more stable results in the teenage years. Aside from providing traditional braces, I also am a Preferred Provider of Invisalign®. Moreover, I was the first local practitioner with enough experience to be listed on the Invisalign Teen™ website. These are distinctions that I am proud to have attained. It allows my staff and me to deliver this exciting technology in hundreds of cases with extreme confidence.

Our Team

There are many things that differentiate us from other practices. First and foremost is our friendly and professional staff. I have worked with many dental assistants, hygienists, and office managers over the years, but the present group is collectively the best. Their experience, dedication, and abilities are impressive. Our staff members have worked here for many years, allowing them to get to know our patients and for the patients to know them. This adds to the sense of family the practice has developed.

Our Facility

Our office is located in a 120-year-old home built in 1890 by the first mayor of Summit, George Wilcox. There are 12-foot ceilings, original parquet floors, and crown moldings, giving the office a unique, homey, warm, and relaxed atmosphere. Add a foosball table, a video arcade game, toys, and whimsical design, and you have a dental office where kids, teens, and parents alike all feel at home.

Our Community

Magic is a tool we use to great advantage to break the ice and develop an immediate rapport with our young patients. There is nothing like chairside magic to engage a child's attention and gain trust. I have done hundreds of shows integrating magic with dentistry for nursery schools over my years in the Summit area. This community service has introduced the importance of healthy teeth and regular dental visits to thousands of children in a fun and non-threatening way.