Patient Testimonials

If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!

Best Pediatric Dentist

“When we first saw Dr. Korson, my daughter could hardly sit in the chair, let alone open her mouth for a dentist without screaming and fighting. But Dr. Korson's manner and patience was exactly what she needed, and soon she was brave enough to do all her appointments alone. All my kids have enjoyed him, and we are very sad that we are moving away because I don't think we'll find another dentist who is so good with the kids. At least their experience has been so good that I think they will behave well for whomever we find in our new home, but Dr. Korson will certainly be missed!” – Rachel, New Providence

Very Nice Staff at Dr. Korson's Office

“My very young children were not scared at all to have their teeth cleaned or examined. Everyone was very patient with the baby who crawled over the office and probably got in everyone's way.” – Anonymous

Always Happy Kids

“Dr. Korson and the rest of the staff are wonderful and never disappoint us. The kids are always looking forward to their dentist appointment.” – Anonymous

Amazing With Children

“We have been going to Dr. Korson's office for four years and the boys just love it and actually look forward to the dentist! They put children totally at ease and provide high quality care. Couldn't be happier!” – Camellia, Summit

Thanks So Much!!

“My daughter' friends told her she should be a ‘mouth’ model because she has the straightest teeth they have ever seen!!! The miraculous transformation of her buck teeth and jawline is unbelievable; other children's orthodontia results from other orthodontists do not measure up to this!!! My son's teeth too are great!! Now if they can stick with the retainers!!!! Thanks so much!!” – A. P., Berkeley Heights

One of the Best Dental Places

“My son's teeth were in bad condition with decay and cavities. I was referred by my colleague to go to Dr. Korson's office. The first appointment was scheduled quickly. Dr. Korson explained and discussed the treatment plan in detail with me. The staff was very nice and we enjoyed being there the whole time. The two follow-up appointments also went well. I highly recommend and would refer this place to my friends.” – Richard, Short Hills

Quite Professional

“Dr. Korson and staff try hard to make every patient feel comfortable. That my daughter, a rather shy child, now goes to the dentist without complaint (or fear) is a welcome change. So kudos to the good doctor and his staff.” – Richard, Berkeley Heights


“As always a pleasure! My boys have grown up with all of you and we appreciate your kindness and expert care!” – Jamie, Chatham

Tooth Removal

“The personal service provided was unbelievable. I was so impressed with all of the staff at Dr. Korson's.” – Kim, Scotch Plains

Best Dentist

“My son was terrified of the dentist until we met Dr. Korson. He is outstanding along with his staff.” – Kaycee, Summit


“Both children never complain about seeing the dentist since we started going to Dr. Korson. His office is fun for the kids and he is gentle, kind, and patient with the children and this protective mom.” – Pamela, Chatham

Tuesday I Lost a Tooth

“Tuesday I lost a tooth. I went to the dentist. My dentist is very funny and kind. She lets me get three presents and a toothbrush and floss, and at the end there is a doctor. He can do magic. He did do magic to take my tooth out. They have a video game and crazy mirrors. Tall mirror and small mirror and a play room and it is very, very, fun and big.” – Jake, age 5, Summit