Patient of the Month

Due to the fact that we have the most amazing patients at Summit Pediatric Dentistry, we have decided that we will highlight one patient each month.  All of our patients are noteworthy and special but some of them have recently achieved a special goal or trophy, some just have special talents, and some are involved in important interests or projects.   Our first honoree is Jolie, a 20 year old woman who is in the autistic spectrum.  She had tried unsuccessfully for some years to be able to sit for a dental visit.  Her mom introduced her to us by saying "Are you ready?" and "Good Luck!”  However, Jolie has been able to sit through multiple visits involving extensive scaling and restorative treatments, with the aplomb of a seasoned patient.  Along the way we have learned that Jolie loves to compose fairy tales and likes to be rewarded with diet Cokes.  Jolie's success here has truly made her "The Patient" of the month.

We’re always looking to keep up with our patients outside of the office, and our Facebook page is a great place to do just that.  You can check out our photos, see our latest news and updates, and get some great tips about oral health - all in one place.